Race To The Pump | Cover Story | Chemical & Engineering News

Race To The Pump | Cover Story | Chemical & Engineering News

viaRace To The Pump | Cover Story | Chemical & Engineering News.


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3 Antworten zu Race To The Pump | Cover Story | Chemical & Engineering News

  1. hinterauer schreibt:

    Hydrgen is one of the keys for a bright future. It can be handled like any other fuel. And it can be used more effizient and clean. Its a necessary step, hopfully following some other steps like multilayer solar panels, spray on solar panel, wind energy, thermic energy, biomass, to be contined. Acompanied by ultrasmart grid and total chemical recycling. Desalination of sea-water and reforestation of deserts and wastland.

  2. Lucio Fadley schreibt:

    just a thought – i live in the southeast, and there’s no lack of biomass here sitting around in Kudzu and bittersweet, as well as multiflora rose and japanese honeysuckle-and what of marijuana?

  3. hinterauer schreibt:

    Does not matter what plant it is. Harvesting once or twice a year. thermic gasification-process right now, Hyvolution with algae, bacteria, encymes, fungus, genes, virus maybe in the future.

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