Chemical & Engineering News: Climate Change

Chemical & Engineering News: Climate Change

viaChemical & Engineering News: Climate Change.


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Pensionated Radiologist, interested in Green Chemistry, Technology, Environment and Share | var addthis_config = {"data_track_clickback":true}; nce.
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3 Antworten zu Chemical & Engineering News: Climate Change

  1. hinterauer schreibt:

    Slow down climate change as fast as possible is most important.

  2. Vernon Leverich schreibt:

    just a thought – i live in the southeast, and there’s no lack of biomass here sitting around in Kudzu and bittersweet, as well as multiflora rose and japanese honeysuckle-and what of marijuana?

  3. hinterauer schreibt:

    Marijuana does not matter. The fibers are a little bit hard to crac, but that all right. Could be done, without changing anything, exept harvesting and processing.

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