Another possibility to store solar energy.

Storage as energycarrier hydrogen is one possibility. This coud be achieved with low themperature and pressure. solved Hydrogene in carbonates, metalhydrides, and carbonates, biochar…future possibilities. But there are solutions with led and zinc. One of these is:“

KW38 | ZBB awarded contract to supply energy storage and management solution at U.S. sports stadium - SolarServer
ZBB will supply a V3 zinc-bromide flow battery as part of the storage solution
On September 16th, 2011, ZBB Energy Corporation (Milwaukee, Wisconsin, U.S.) announced that it has been awarded a contract with an un-named „major“ utility to provide an energy storage and power management solution to accompany solar photovoltaic (PV) generation.ZBB will supply its EnerSystem integrated power management and energy storage platform, including a V3 zinc-bromide flow battery and 25 kW inverter. The system will also accommodate electric vehicle charging, and will be located at a „major“ sports venue.

„This installation will be great example of how ZBB’s smart storage can be used by utilities to optimize the integration of renewables, storage, car chargers and the grid,“ said ZBB Energy President and CEO Eric Apfelbach.

Installation to serve as template for future projects

The utility will be use the energy storage and management system to promote renewable energy technologies at the sport stadium as part of a public awareness campaign.

ZBB states that the installation will serve as a template for future large, commercial customer sites across its service region for integrated PV and EV charging system requirements.

The installation is targeted for completion by the end of 2011.


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  1. hinterauer schreibt:

    A led and zinc cathalysed process to get hydrogen at low pressure and low density with little energy-input. The problem is the retrievial of led and zinc.

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