Opportunity to convert sewage and solid waste to ultra clean water, biofuel and compost

Together with Fischer/Tropsch-like pyrrholytic Technologie this is the way to a bright future.


Learn how you can quickly and easily build a ZERO WASTE ORGANIZATION and Get Fuel Savings upto 80%

24888021-eco-house-metaphorEvery organization generates large quantities of solid organic and liquid waste. To treat liquid and solid waste organizations have to establish two different plant which is a very difficult task for them to operate and maintain these plants.

But now these solid organic wastes were codigested together with sludge/waste water in a single plant at your industrial, residential and commercial complexes. As India’s no.1 cleanfuel company Growdiesel has invested crores of rupees in researching and commercializing cleanfuel company technologies. With Growdiesel’s integrated sewage & organic solid waste treatment project, you can now convert this liability to an asset by recovering-precious ultra-clean water and biofuels as by-products.

Growdiesel invites all the dynamic corporate to come forward and learn to produce such high value fuels from abundantly available low value feedstocks in your organization…

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